What We Do Holiday Island Holdings, Inc.

Raise aquisition capital and secure investment capital.

Aquire high yield commercial, residential, and manufacturing properties.

Further develop and
enhance yield.

HIHI's strategic business plan is to become a major regional player in the recreational, residential, and commercial segments of the real estate markets, in a defined area consisting of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Missouri.

These states are experiencing major expanding markets which are attracting both retirees, younger adults, and workers seeking a more-relaxed lifestyle than occurring in highly populated urban areas.The Company's headquarters is at Holiday Island, Arkansas on Table Rock Lake, and Management plans to initiate various marketing programs for available real estate opportunities in its "home office" area.

In addition, Management and its advisory team is exploring a number of opportunities in other parts of Arkansas, in East, North, and Central Texas, in the burgeoning Houston area, in southern Missouri, and in Eastern Oklahoma and Northern Louisiana.

Of particular interest will be existing properties that lend themselves to immediate profit generation from on-going business, which will be augmented by expanding recreational offerings such as RV and MH sites and rentals, marina operations, hunting camps, and tiny home communities (most likely under the Company brand, "Nova Tiny Home Communities"). These targeted acquisitions, and the related planned expansions, are typically owned by "mom and pop" operators, and lend themselves to advantageous purchase pricing.

Management and its advisors have previously been involved with large national and regional chain organizations in the recreational/residential real estate markets, and they believe it can be successful in aggregating a number of properties to be operated under a brand name.

Nationally, RV sales continue to expand significantly, and in recent years small (typically 900 s.f. or less) tiny homes have increased in demand.And, the Company's Colorado-based advisor owns and operates a tiny home and modular home manufacturing company that can produce suitable units for planned tiny home communities.

Alternatively, there are numerous competing tiny home or modular home brands available in our defined marketing area. In some instances, the Company may participate with other developers who seek expertise, or products, the Company possesses. These participations could well be structured on a joint venture basis.