What We Do Holiday Island Holdings, Inc.

Raise financial
Acquire holdings of developer

Control the development
Build out of the entire

Joint venture development
Projects with outside developers

The company is in the process of raising the capital to acquire the real estate holdings of the exclusive developer of Holiday Island, Arkansas, and take his place with developer rights, including planning and zoning for the entire community and the ability to expand its boundaries.

Post acquisition, the company will control the community’s further development, marketing and reselling. Acquired as a whole, this is the unique pursuit of controlling the build out of the fastest growing town in this part of Northwest Arkansas, and dominate the local commercial, retail, and residential markets.

In addition to the deployment of its own resources, post acquisition the company expects outside builders, developers, individual and institutional investors, food & beverage, and hospitality operators, and individual buyers to joint venture development and marketing projects.

For more information on the seller and Holiday Island, visit the following websites: