Who We Are Holiday Island Holdings, Inc.

Holiday Island Holdings, Inc. (OTCPink: HIHI) is a development stage company involved with recreational, residential, and commercial real estate acquisition, management, and development in our defined regional market.

Assisted by several heavily experienced real estate, business and financial advisors, the Company initially intends to operate in Texas, Northwest Arkansas and other areas of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Missouri, all experiencing significant population growth and business expansion, and all attracting people seeking a remote, balanced lifestyle in an upscale recreational, or residential setting.

The Company is managed by a senior group of experienced real estate and business executives, and aided by advisors who have financial expertise, and have served as well in senior capacities with major national recreational and residential development entities.

The advisors also have extensive homebuilding and tiny home development, marketing, and sales experience.

Management is undertaking a recapitalization of the Company in 2020, decreasing the issued and outstanding shares from ~1.9 B to currently ~13 M. This is being accompanied by currently obtaining short-term financings for administrative purposes, to be followed by funding placements in 2020, 2021 and beyond, from our California-based private investment firm for acquisition purposes (these financings may include planned seller financing of some magnitude, and joint venture arrangements).

As new properties are acquired, financed, and brought on-line, the Company will continue to expand its acquisition target list and become a major real estate player in its defined marketing area. One major component of its expansion strategy is to add its "private label" tiny home design(s) to properties it acquires, and wherein a new tiny home residential community can be structured. This tiny home segment will operate as "Nova Tiny Home Communities", and the units will be built-to spec, as set forth by Management.

The current financial advisory group includes:

...a West-Coast domiciled boutique investment bank, that has taken a significant stock position in the Company's shares;

...Lantana Capital Advisors of Houston, a financial and strategic consulting firm with specific experience in the recreational, residential, land development and mortgage banking segments of the national real estate markets;

Lantana Capital is and will continue to be a major shareholder.

...a Florida-based founding shareholder with extensive experience in forming and growing development-stage companies, including being a founder of the Company;

...a Colorado executive who currently owns and operates a tiny home and modular manufacturing company, and he will build tiny homes for the Company's planned tiny home operation;

Most importantly, however, are the Company's currently existing 118 shareholders, allowing HIHI to operate as a public company.

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Holiday Island Holdings, Inc.

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